AboutWho is Primagra Oman?

We are a complex mechanism of a Swiss watch, with well-oiled gears, carefully mounted in a weather-resistant steel case, worn on the hand of a successful man.

Primagra is a 100% Romanian capital company. We have been on the Romanian market for 27 years. Through our agents and branches we manage to cover all the Romanian and Oman territory. We are in permanent motion, we come to the client’s help with customized technical solutions, according to each application.

Primagra OmanAbout us

1997 We were established in order to offer customized and maximum utility solutions to the branches of the national economy.

2024 Primagra means maturity, responsibility, fidelity to the values with which we set off! And yes, ascending the road is often difficult! But what else would be the pleasure of success if not the struggle itself to reach the peaks and especially the struggle with yourself to get where you set out to be?!

Today we offer:

  •  A wide range of bearings, transmission belts, Gall chains, seals, gear boxes, gearmotors, couplings, electric motors, maintenance products, mounting and dismounting tools, lubrication systems, etc.
  • Professional monitoring services, preventive and predictive maintenance, shaft alignment;
  • Consulting services regarding choosing, mounting and correct exploitation of housing units.

since 1997


In a market in permanent transition and where change is the basic rule, we managed to differentiate ourselves and consolidate our place and position. Primagra’s development was based primarily on rules and respect for the customer and the competition.

We treat with respect every client, every person in front of us but also every competitor or partner. We have gained experience with clients, we have learned together, and we continue to share this knowledge with those who need it

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Oil and gas industry
Energy and mining
Gas and oil industry
Wind energy
Wood processing industry

FeaturesMaintenance Experts

At Primagra, we pride ourselves on our highly skilled workforce, with over 80% of our staff comprising experienced engineers.

In addition to our strong engineering team, our technical department boasts the best maintenance experts in the industry. Their expertise ensures that all your systems and machinery operate at peak efficiency, minimizing downtime and optimizing performance. This combination of experienced engineers and top-tier maintenance professionals underpins our reputation for reliability and technical superiority.

By investing in such a highly qualified team, Primagra continues to lead the way in delivering exceptional solutions and services to our clients.

Maintenance Tools
Lubrifications experts
Industry 4.0

Special products for the best customers ever

FeaturesProduct fit for your aplications

At Primagra, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our highly experienced staff who provide expert advice to help customers select the right products for their specific applications. Using their deep knowledge and industry expertise, our team ensures that each client receives customized solutions that meet their unique requirements.

The Primagra stock counts over 1,000,000 products dedicated to all industrial branches. We offer over 30,000 types and sizes, ensuring that we have the right product for every need. Whether you’re looking for specialist components or everyday essentials, Primagra has the breadth and depth of stock to give you exactly what you need, backed by unrivaled expertise and customer service.

Creative teamWe have assembled the
best team to work with you


Any activity is done with people, the quality and the end result are closely linked to the professionalism and vision of each person involved.

123 employees currently form the Primagra family. A team can do more than one person. It represents balance, strength, is the main factor in progress and performance.

Working atmosphere within Primagra is based on mutual help, joint development of ideas, discussions, problem solving. As a team, we have the same interest, we share and we enjoy success together.

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What we doWhats is HOLT ?

HOLT is an artificial lifting technology which replaces vertical pumping with vertical transportation :

  • Unique lifting solution that HOLT has patented with no comparable alternative. HOLT is a new artificial oil lifting solution focused on medium and heavy oil reserves using an oil absorbent, continuous belt. It replaces the need for down-hole pumps, rods strings, tubing and down-hole chemicals. Provides increased recovery + increased production + decrease costs (Capex & Opex).
  • Continuous monitoring includes instantaneous production, power consumption, belt speed & temperatures, through a secure VPN to a central cloud server.
  • As part of the digital oilfield innovation era, HOLT provides a complete IT and AI smart solution for remote, cloud-based control of individual well production, along with real time production data reporting a meaningful dashboard display (instantaneous production, power consumption, belt speed & temperatures).
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ProductsThe Oportunities

Heavy oil represents over 70% of known global oil reserves. Existing extraction technologies for heavy oil are, however, inefficient, expensive and damaging to the environment in ways that extend beyond the CO2 emissions produced when the oil is eventually burned. For these reasons, HOLT has literally the oil world map as its target to conquer

Key Operating Differences:

1.There is no suction or down-hole pump, therefore no valve to be damaged by excessive sand wear or fluid volume wear.

  1. There is no rod string or tubing in typical installation that needs to be driven from surface and exhibits wear or cracking fatigue over time.

3.Oil and sand stick to the belt, while water flows down and is not lifted to surface.

  1. At the surface, oil is simply scraped from the belt, therefore no mechanical damage from sand wear or plugging.

5.In all our test, if the water content is lower than 70%, the water does not accumulate, nor does the well get flooded

One of the most distinctive strengths of HOLT its remarkable energy efficiency. Compared to current pumping technologies, it demonstrates a significant reduction in power consumption, plummeting from 1MWh to an impressively low 0.065 MWh, all the while achieving remarkable enhancements in production output.

Moreover, HOLT paves the way for further cost reductions by minimizing the frequency of work-overs required to repair down-hole pumps, effectively eliminating the expenses associated with pumps, tubing, and rods. This cost-effective approach ensures an optimized and sustainable production process, contributing to a more efficient and eco-friendly operation.

Power usage significantly reduced by 80-98% compared to conventional pump-based lifting.

  • Well servicing and down-hole repair costs significantly reduced with surface drive of transport belt and limited down-hole configuration
  • Production time significantly increased with steady transport of challenging oil o
  • Water-cut significantly reduced

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