Bucket Elevator Chain

Renold a fost folosit de mulți ani cu succes în aplicații pentru elevatoare și s-a constatat, prin experiență, că pentru majoritatea aplicațiilor, lanțurile care au fost derivate din gama standard de produse sunt mai mult decât adecvate.

The inclusion of fillet welded K attachments to provide extra attachment strength and smaller than standard gearing rollers to reduce weight, are all that is required to produce a hard wearing and long lasting chain. Where chains are to be used in abrasive and/or corrosive conditions then special heavy duty chains can be produced.

Bucket ElevatorThe chain is fitted with fillet welded K attachments for the dynamic discharge (centrifugal) elevator and G attachments for positive discharge elevator. The details of the design of each of these types of elevator can be found in the downloadable designer guide.

It is sometimes necessary to modify the design, materials, or heat treatment of chain when certain aggressive materials are handled, and in these cases we suggest Renold Applications Engineers are consulted before a chain is specified.