Belts - Toothed V-belts - V-belts with round tooth profile, metric lead


They are the most synchronous belts from both rotation speed and power transmission viewpoint.


V-belt’s cord made of fiber glass assures zero elongation while tooth’s profile, with a channel at the top edge assures stability for very high rotation speeds and a silent functioning.

The identification is easily made based on the lead, number of teeth and V-belt’s weight; the color is black.

There is the standard version OMEGA, extremely high loads version, HP and for high moments, HL, as well as the FP version, special construction for vents.

Transmission shift using this kind of V-belts leads to cost savings due to driving moment decrease, gauges and forces decrease on shaft, ans so gauge’s decrease for bearings with housing units.

Symbolization is made using a group of 3-4 digits, witch stands for V-belts length in mm, followed by profile’s symbol 2M, 3M…and then a group of 1-3 digits which stands for V-belt’s wideness in m



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Belts - Toothed V-belts - V-belts with round tooth profile, metric lead

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(exe: 5, 30 , 5M )


exe: Optibelt


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