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ZAPEX couplings are suitable mainly for functioning in harsh exploiting conditions, as steel-works, draw-frames, and cement industry. ZAPEX couplings are recommended for operations on both ways and for horizontal bearings’ position. ZAPEX ZWVN may be mounted vertically.




Standard ARPEX couplings are available from 92Nm to 1450000Nm and are grouped under different series. Through this wide range, ARPEX couplings satisfy the most diverse requirements regarding couplings and speed, being seen as the universal coupling solution for general mechanic industry. The bellow image illustrates a pack of plates, while in the drawing we can find the way the pack of plates are caught in-between the two flanges.


ARS-6 series ARPEX couplings are used for machineries working on speed scales from low to average. Torsion moments in-between 170 and 106000 Nm can be transmitted to an angular misalignment of 0.7°. Due to open flange construction it is easily mounted on site (easy access to all screws). Also, its design with intermediate spacer allows its mounting without moving the machineries (it does not interfere with machinery alignment).

The main usage field for ARS-6: cellulose industry, printing machines, compressors, pumps, ventilators and air-blowers, foil producing process and packing machines, generators, mills, metal processing machineries, conveyors, camel, machineries used in textile industry, plastic processing machineries, centrifuges.

ARPEX versions, ARS-6 series:

NEN BEN, BEB intermediate spacer standard version, various dimensions available in stock.

NON BON shortest intermediate spacer version

NUN BUN BUB split intermediate spacer version

NHN version with intermediate spacer for distances in-between axis specific to every client

NZN armed intermediate spacer version

NWN intermediate axis version

All technical details about these versions of ARPEX ARS-6 couplings – available in catalogue.

ARPEX ARC -8/-10

ARPEX couplings ARC-8/ and ARC-10 series are optimized for high speeds. Power transmission takes place through conical screws and octagonal and decagonal plate package. Couplings may be transmitted starting from 8.5 to 1450 kNM for an allowed angular misalignment ranging from 0.2 ° to 0.4 °.  The intermediate spacer can be mounted without moving the connected machineries.

The main application domains for ARP-8/-10 series ARPEX couplings are: cellulose machineries, printing machineries, compressor, ventilators and air-blowers, generator, mill, conveyer, camels, pumps, grinders, rotating ovens, agitators.


ARP-6 series ARPEX couplings were specially designed to action pumps and mainly to action centrifugal pumps. Special attention was paid to meet AI 610 and 671 API (API = American Petroleum Institute). Power is transmitted using conical screws and nuts that bound together hexagonal plate packages, with torsion moment in-between 100 and 17000 Nm, and allowed angular misalignment of 0, 7°. The compact design makes them suitable for these couplings to be used on high peripheral speeds. The intermediate spacer can be mounted without moving the connected machineries.

The main application domains for ARP-6 series ARPEX couplings are: centrifugal pumps, caldron alimentation pumps, Wing pumps, turbo-compressors, screw compressors, turbo air-blowers, radial-axial air-blowers, Rotary-piston air-blowers, ventilators.


Series ARW-4/-6 ARPEX couplings are used when misalignment offsets are needed. In the case of paper processing machineries, ARW-4/-6 series ARPEX coupling proved itself an efficient alternative to cardan shaft. Couplings from 9 to 80000 Nm can be transmitted on an allowed angular misalignment of 3,0°. Radial-mounted intermediate spacer does not affect the arrangement of the connected machineries. 

The main application fields for ARW-4/-6 series couplings are: machineries used in cellulose industry, wind engines, traction units. The length of intermediate spacers is variable and they are manufactured on customer’s order.

Versions: NHN version with course intermediate spacer, with variable length.


ARF-6 series ARPEX couplings were designed for very small spaces without being necessary to give up couplings’ advantages. Thus, we make it possible to compensate for axial, angular and radial misalignment. 



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