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"I got along with people from Primagra, in the story of "Platinum Team" a few years ago.
Ever since, they have built and adapted functional processes and they consolidated their teams, to create an organizational culture in which you joined naturally and constructively. We are honored that we are
Primagra's partners  and we are part of your learning, development and evolution processes. "


"In the 21st century industries, service and technology are governed by two variables equation: efficiency and operational safety. To solve this equation, managers have only one solution, which is to be surrounded by reliable and large potentially parteners, each in its field.

In Romania, PRIMAGRA is the ideal partner for maintenance professionals for any company and any industrial branch.

When you say PRIMAGRA, you say reliability, potential, loyalty. "



Iran…Romanian Lion’s new age

   Permanent quest-seeking and restless spirit…these are the two characteristics that best describe the spirit of our company. We associate these features with the progress, in its
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Ati vazut Pulp Fiction? Avem personajele desprinse din film, la Iasi

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Va asteptam la TIB, organizat de Romexpo in perioada 15-18 octombrie 2014

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Primagra invites you to join us at Agriplanta

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