11 Industries


Our field of activity is a complex one, as we address to all branches of the national macros. Whether we talk about industry, agriculture, services and other areas, our products find their applicability successfully.

Moreover, we provide technical support to all those interested in a well trained technical team. Bearings, belts, chains, power transmission products, maintenance services - all suggest a serious company. We respond to all requests with maximum efficiency and try to find the most suitable solution for each application.

> Agriculture

Under this name we can find the agriculture farms, grain bins...

> Alimentary Industry

Alimentary Industry
Under this name we can find sweets factories, juice factories...

> Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry
On a European market where the automobile industry shows signs...

> Chemistry and Petrochemistry

Chemistry and Petrochemistry
These names refer to chemical plants, refineries, plastics...

> Mining industry

Mining industry
Generically called “cement industry”, it covers the cement factories, pits...

> Machine industry

Machine industry
Machine industry has its roots in the industrial revolution days...

> Energy and Eletrotechnics Industry

Energy and Eletrotechnics Industry
This is an industrial branch of maximum importance at a national level and...

> Wood Industry

Wood Industry
Wood industry is the generic name to refer to a group of industrial branches which...

> Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock
The rolling stock is an industry that covers...

> Metallurgy

Metallurgy is the generic name that brings together subsectors like...

> Maritime Industry

Maritime Industry
Under this category there are grouped shipbuilding yards and...

> Textile Industry

Textile Industry
This industrial branch comprises filatures, hosiery factories...


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