11 Why Primagra?

Why Primagra?

In a market of permanent transition and where changes represents the ground rule, we succeeded in differentiating ourselves and in consolidating our place and position. Primagra’s development was mainly based on rules and respect for the client and competition.

We respect deeply every customer, every person who stands in front of us, every competitor and partner, too. Together with our customers we gathered experience, we learnt together, and we currently share this knowledge to the ones that need it.

We always led ourselves by 3 principles: PEOPLE, PRODUCTS, PROFIT.

  • PEOPLE – every activity implies human participation, the quality and the result is tightly dependent to the quality, professionalism and vision of each and every man concerned. People within Primagra Company are its most valuable commodity and their quality finally results in our organization’s quality and evolution.
  • PRODUCTS – experienced people can only recommend quality products, trust-worthy products, products that ensure comfort, trust and open the opportunity for the next partnership.
  • PROFIT – the development and good resources management can only make profit. Good collaboration and mutual respect represents the key of success in a relationship.

Primagra is a viable option for each customer who honors machinery, man and product. According to the requirements imposed by changes on the market, we will bring new service packages adapted and personalized for each and every client.

Starting the current year we bring a new concept on the market: there is a 5 person-team working for every client:

  • Technical, sales man, the interface;
  • The man who makes a tender and processes orders;
  • The delivery man;
  • The technical man;
  • The marketing man.

We are talking here about a mixed team, a technical-sales one, who together with clients’ personnel tries to find the best solving solutions.

There is always room for best. Count on us!

Why high-end products?

High-end products guarantee, along with professional mechanical maintenance, greater endurance in functioning of dynamic machinery, surety for machinery exploitation, cut down on attendance expenses and the avoidance of accidental faults. We follow the principle: the right product for the right application. The quality of a product reflects first and foremost thousands of hours of research in specialized laboratories, tests conducted by well trained men, investments made in new materials and amassed experience in quality testing directly on machinery. Only renowned brands afford making investments in research and develop new high end products.

To us a high end product is the perpetual guarantee for motion.

We declare ourselves pro for the campaign “stop fake bearings” promoted by the Mondial Association of Bearings whose members are our partners, the most important bearings manufacturers.

Where can you find us?

Primagra is a 100% Romanian capital company. We are on the Romanian market for 15 years. Via our agents and branches’ network we manage to cover all the Romanian territory. We are in permanent motion, we come to the aid of clients with technical personalized solutions, according to each application.

If we don't reach you, you can surely find us at every comercial office or at the head office in Suceava. Our working schedule is Monday-Friday; 08:00-17:00.

Please visit our contact page to find out our addresses and contact details.

How do I order?

There are several ways of ordering:

  1. Via e-mail: any e-mail that reaches one of our e-mail addresses is immediately processed by one of our colleagues. We  recommend including basic contact details in the text body of your e-mail: company name, buyers name, name of the person who orders, telephone number, correct delivery address, desired payment form. For those clients who make the first order with us, we need all the identification details of the company (company name, social address, delivery address, fiscal code (RO), client account (J), bank account).
  2. Via fax either to the headquarter or to comercial offices.
  3. Via telephone, either to the headquarter or to the comercial offices– telephonic orders generally come from traditional clients, whom we established a mutual respect and trust relationship.

Payment modalities

Accepted payment modalities are: money order, cashier's check, promissory note with payment to be made within 30-90 days from the invoice (under certain conditions).

We also offer the possibility of an offset with in-house products, when the situation is favorable for both sides.

Delivery methods

Our preferred delivery method is ex warehouse. If package's value doesn't exceed the invoiced amount of 120 RON then the client is informed regarding this aspect so as to discuss about a convenient payment method with the best price.

Own transportation. On every Wednesday our delivery cars are off to deliver the goods throughout the country. According to the necessities, deliveries can be made week round. Our comercial offices can make deliveries to the clients on daily basis, for the products in stock.

Courier service. For small packages, the most efficient delivery method is fast courier. Every day we make deliveries via fast courier services to any client in this country and abroad.


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