11 Vision.Mission


Our vision

To make available the whole knowledge amassed by our providers over more than a century of experience in this field materialized in high-end products, to answer all challenges using the most performant and non polluting technologies, to militate in favor of a modern, healthy and ecological industry.

Our mission

1997. We set up as company with the purpose of offering personalized and maximal utility solutions for all national industrial branches.

2012. Today we offer:

  •     A wide range of bearings are at clients' service, along with transmission belts, Gall chains, seals, gear boxes, gearmotors, couplings, electric motors and last but not least maintenance products. etc.;
  •     Monitoring professional services, preventive and predictive maintenance, arbor alignments;
  •     Consultancy services regarding choosing, mounting and correct exploitation of housing units.

All these elements consolidte the leader position on national market, form and develop our image on European market, as full provider for power transmission.

Thenceforth...we work for our clients at the same highest standards we set for ourselves, we personalize solutions for each and every need, we added services and products according to this market trend.



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