Company values


" Teamwork is what makes common people capable of uncommon results. " Pat Summitt
  • People- they define us and identify our purpose and reputation, provide us with confidence to overcome obstacles.

“Nobody  is irreplaceable but – sometimes – it takes several people to replace one.” (Claire Martin)

Quality people are the key to better performance, they create a favorable, positive, stimulating organizational environment, they identify with the goals of the organization and get results.

We continuously invest in motivational and professional development programs for our employees, as a premise in achieving individual and team performance.

Company values


" There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves. " (Lyndon Johnson)
  • Teamwork – unites us and makes us strong

A team can do more than one person, so we promote the team. It represents  balance, strength it is the main factor for progress and performance.

The working environment within Primagra is based on mutual help, joint development of ideas, discussions, problem solving. As a team, we have the same interest, we share and we enjoy success together.

Company values

The quality

It provides the foundation for everything we want to achieve.
  • Quality – ensures the foundation in everything we want to achieve.

„Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort. “ (John Ruskin)

The quality of products from world-renowned suppliers is complemented by the added value of our services: the approach to the market, customer care, efficiency, respect, seriousness.

Since 2005 we have implemented and continuously improved the quality management system, certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Based on the principles of quality management, we are oriented towards the development of a methodological-informational managerial system that will allow us to continuously improve the collaboration with our partners.

Every year we carry out customer satisfaction studies and make efforts to respond more efficiently to the signals coming from them.

We constantly surpass ourselves in order to have higher and higher achievements and more and more satisfied clients.

Renowned suppliers

Quality products

Certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Company values


It strengthens our relationship with all employees.
  • Respect – consolidates the relationship with our partners.

„Respect is not fear and awe; it denotes, in accordance with the root of the word (respicere = to look at), the ability to see a person as he is, to be aware of his individuality and uniqueness.” ( Erich Fromm)

For us, respect means: respect for commitments, respect for customers, partners, colleagues, legislation, people and the environment in general.

In everything we do we rely on fundamental values ​​such as ethics, trust, responsibility.

We respect ideas and experiences, we take responsibility for our actions, we are honest and do what we say we do, we approach conflicts in a constructive way, we learn from the experience of each collaboration, we communicate openly and we are transparent in any relationship.

Company values


It strengthens our relationship with all employees.
  • Professionalism – feeds our self exceeding desire.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”   (Budha)

We always act in full knowledge of the facts, with technical people and specialists, we create sustainable competitive advantages and we continuously adapt to the exigencies and expectations of the clients, we individualize solutions for each one.

We are proud of our brands and people and of the fact that we can associate the name Primagra with words such as: honesty, integrity, responsibility, , seriousness, efficiency.

We believe that being a professional means doing your job at a very high level, doing your job well and calculated, always being prepared for any problem specific to the field, which could arise.

Company values

The progress

Progress does not mean improving what has been, but moving forward towards what will be. Beyond reports, situations, accounting figures, there remains the belief that you can do even better, that you can be fair and get results, that development is first of all study and then concrete action, that a well done thing will always climb you one step higher.