Spindle bearings

The spindle bearings are single row angular contact ball bearings and are designed for the main shafts of the machine tools. Constructively, the inner ring has a deep running path, with two smaller ribs, and the outer ring has a more prominent rib. These bearings are made in universal construction and can be mounted in sets of two, three, four or even five bearings. The classic assembly for a set of two bearings is in X, O or in tandem. The contact angle of these bearings can be 15 °, 18 °, 20 °, 25 ° or 30 ° depending on the manufacturer. There are various construction variants: standard with normal balls, with small balls for high speeds, hybrids with ceramic balls and steel rings, with lip seals, …etc. Depending on the construction variant, very high operating speeds can be achieved.

 Series:  B718; B719; B70; B72; HCB718; HCB719; HCB70; HCB72; XCB719; XCB70; HS719; HS70; HSS719, HSS70; HC719; HC70; HCS719; HCS70; XC719; XC70; XCS719; XCS70

Bearing of the main shafts of machine tools, electric brushes, mechanisms with high operating speeds