Radial insert ball bearings
The radial insert ball bearings are intended to be mounted in cast iron or sheet steel housings, with concave bore to statically compensate for shaft misalignment. They are designed in a very wide dimensional and constructive range with dimensions in the metric or imperial system. They can be fixed on the shaft with two threaded pins on the wider inner ring or with an eccentric collar and threaded pin. They are available with different sealing variants with the lubricating possibility. Usually the standard radial clearance is C3. They are intended mainly for agricultural machines or for industrial applications where the distance between the bearings is large.

 Series :LR6; LR60; LR2;  LR50; LR52; LR53; ZL2..DRS; ZL52..DRS; KR52..2RS; ZLE52..2Z; KLRU; KLRZ; LFR5

Conveyors, various mechanisms, linear technical trolleys