In order to acquire new knowledge, skills and aptitudes necessary to fulfill with greater efficiency the attributions of the maintenance and supply staff, as well as of the young employees with less experience, we offer on request, trainings with technical topics in the field of marketed products.

For the bearing domain we organize trainings on:

  • general information data about bearings, their classification, common types and specific characteristics
  • news on bearing solutions for various industrial fields: energy, metallurgy, cement, etc.
  • instructions for mounting and dismounting bearings with suitable tools and devices
  • Beneficiary-specific applications with efficient bearing solutions
  • Bearing solutions of the main shafts of machine tools and ball screws
  • specific notions of bearing design
  • tools and devices for maintenance, greases and automatic lubrication systems

For the field of linear technique we can offer trainings on:

  • classification of linear technique systems, existing types, specific characteristics
  • customer-specific applications for linear technology
  • notions specific to the automation system designer with the use of linear guides
  • linear guidance systems used for CNCs


For the field of shaft alignments, we provide training at the client’s workshop after purchasing the alignment tools, when comissioning. We provide warranty and post-warranty service, as well as periodic recalibration of sensors.

For the field of diagnosis and measurements on dynamic equipment, we provide training at the client’s workshops after purchasing the instruments and / or installing the monitoring systems for the operating condition, when commissioning them. We provide warranty and post-warranty service, as well as periodic recalibration of transducers.

The trainings are supported by our specialists and on request the representatives of the bearing companies from Romania can also participate.

NOTE: The trainings are adapted and customized according to the specifics of each client, technological process or application, and can be held either at our headquarters or at the applicant’s headquarters.