Belts – Timing belts – With round tooth profile, with metric pitch


They are the best performing synchronous belts both in terms of speed and transmitted power.

The fiberglass cord ensures zero elongation and the tooth profile, with rib at the top, ensures stability at very high speeds and a quiet operation.

It is easily identified by pitch, number of teeth and belt width, the color being black.

There is the classic OMEGA version, the version for very high HP loads and for high HL moments, as well as the FP version, a special construction for fans.

Changing the transmission through V-belts with this type of belt leads to save costs by reducing the driving power, reducing the dimensions and forces on the shaft, thus reducing the size of the housings and bearings.

The symbolization is done by a group of 3-4 digits, representing the length of the belt in mm, followed by the profile symbol 2M, 3M… and then a group of 1-3 digits representing the width of the belt in mm.