The perfect choice

Why Primagra?

In a market in permanent transition and where change is the basic rule, we managed to differentiate ourselves and consolidate our place and position. Primagra's development was based primarily on rules and respect for the customer and the competition. We treat with respect every client, every person in front of us but also every competitor or partner. We have gathered experience with clients, we have learned together, and we continue to share this knowledge with those who need it


the development and good management of resources are profit generators. Good collaboration and mutual respect in a relationship is the key to success.


Any activity is done with people, the quality and result of an activity is closely related to the quality, professionalism and vision of each person involved.
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Experienced people can only recommend quality products, products you can trust, products that ensure comfort, confidence and leave the opening for further development.
The perfect choice

Vision and Mission

We Want To provide you with all the knowledge accumulated by our suppliers, during more than a century of experience in this field, materialized in the best quality products, to respond to all challenges by applying the most advanced and non-polluting technologies, to militate for a modern, healthy and ecological industry.
Professional team
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry David Thoreau


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    We are always at your disposal!
    Primagra is a 100% Romanian capital company. We have been on the Romanian market for 23 years. Through our agents and branches’ network we manage to cover all the Romanian territory. We are in permanent motion, we come to the client’s help with customized technical solutions, according to each application.

    If we don't reach you, you can find us at any of the comercial offices or at the head office in Suceava. Our working schedule is Monday-Friday; 08:00-17:00.

    Please visit our contact page to find out our addresses and contact details.
    There are several ways of ordering:

    a By e-mail: any e-mail that reaches one of our e-mail addresses is immediately processed by one of our colleagues. We recommend including basic contact details in the text body of your e-mail: company name, buyers name, name of the person who orders, telephone number, correct delivery address, agreed payment form. For those clients who make the first order with us, we need all the identification details of the company (company name, social address, delivery address, fiscal code (RO), client account (J), bank account).
    b .By online Shop
    C .By telephone, either at the headquarter or at the comercial offices in the territory – telephonic orders generally come from traditional clients, with whom we have a relationship based on mutual respect and trust.
    The accepted payment methods are: Payment Order, Check, Promissory note 30 - 90 days from the date of issuing the invoice (with certain conditions).
    Our preferred delivery method is DAP. If the package’s value doesn't exceed the invoiced amount of at least 250 RON then the client is informed regarding this aspect so as to discuss about a convenient delivery method with the best price.

    Own transportation. Every week on every Wednesday our delivery cars are off to deliver the goods all over the country.
    Depending on needs, deliveries can be made any day of the week. Our branchescan make daily deliveries to the customer, with the products they have in stock.

    Courier service. For small packages, the most efficient delivery method is fast courier. Daily, we make deliveries by fast courier services to any client in the country and abroad.